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Some of the most innovative ideas we work with actually come from our customers. Call it customer-driven R&D, but we truly believe in the power of these new concepts to solve problems and add tremendous value.

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Cavotec MoorMaster

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Cavotec MoorMaster technical team consists of experienced maritime personnel, naval architects and mechanical and electrical engineers who have over the years evaluated the performance and geometry of nearly a hundred in-house system designs.

Cavotec MoorMaster's new systems have captured all of the flexibility and characteristics of traditional mooring lines in a range of automated systems. Instead of a rope, the products use vacuum pads to provide the mooring attachment. Each pad has a measurable working load, providing a powerful physical attachment between ship and shore.

Cavotec MoorMaster is committed to providing the best possible automated solution to the shipping and ports industries' mooring needs. For example, our R&D program has produced a number of innovations and improvements that can be incorporated into our existing and future products.

Cavotec MoorMaster
Level 1, 122 Wigram Road
Christchurch, 8025
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 3 375 5100
E-mail: moormaster@cavotec.com
How to reach Cavotec MoorMaster

Postal Address:
Cavotec MoorMaster Ltd
PO Box 33236
Christchurch, 8244
New Zealand