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MoorMaster eliminates the need for hazardous mooring lines with automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels in seconds, at the push of a button. The system is already in use across a wide range of applications including container, ferry and bulk terminals.

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What's new?

MoorMaster NxG

When you’re keeping the world moving, every minute matters. This is why the new MoorMaster NxG still cuts mooring times to seconds, but now offers quicker installation, smarter operation and more productivity than ever.

As the inventors of vacuum mooring, we’ve used every minute of data from 20 years’ service to redesign it from the ground up.

The new MoorMaster NxG now offers even quicker access to game-changing mooring technology. And thanks to Cavotec’s large and growing investment in software, every system will become even more intelligent every year.


MoorMaster as a Service

Not only have we redesigned our hardware to make vacuum mooring more accessible, we have also now revolutionised our purchase model with MoorMaster as a Service: the world’s first subscription vacuum mooring service. You can now get the productivity of MoorMaster with zero upfront investment and guaranteed performance, all fully managed by Cavotec

Why vacuum mooring?

Save time, money and the environment

Faster mooring in 30 seconds can soon add up to vast savings. One MoorMaster system can save thousands of litres of fuel per year and with it, thousands of tonnes of CO2, NOx, SOx and particle matter emissions.

  1. Lower mooring times lower costs. Efficient mooring at the touch of a button dramatically cuts idling and thruster use while berthing, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in port. It also means less tugboat time, which in turn reduces emission and costs even further.
  2. Reduced turnaround times reduce fuel bills. Shorter turnaround times allow lower cruising speeds between destinations, significantly lowering fuel bills and impact on the environment.

Improve fuel efficiency

Get more from every minute

In the busiest ports making time work harder matters, and MoorMaster is designed to do just that, with faster mooring, increased stability and larger vessels.

  1. More vessels every day. Dramatically reduced mooring times allow more vessel calls and more revenue to fit into every day.
  2. More tonnage at the quayside. Because MoorMaster only attaches to a vessel’s flat hull along the parallel body, it means ships can safely overhang the quay. So, existing infrastructure can handle larger vessels.
  3. More efficient cargo transfer. Our patented Active Control™ technology drastically reduces vessel motion by up to two orders of magnitude, dramatically increasing loading and offloading productivity. Where excessive vessel motion is an issue, MoorMaster can increase port productivity by up to 100%.

Increase port productivity

Why MoorMaster?

MoorMaster as a Service

Having introduced almost 100 MoorMaster systems, we know the switch to vacuum mooring can seem like a big change. This is why we’ve made it more accessible than ever, with our ground-breaking new subscription model: MoorMaster as a Service.

You now have the option to access the productivity of MoorMaster with zero upfront investment and guaranteed performance, all fully managed by Cavotec. Put simply, we’ll own the system and cover 100% of the equipment and maintenance costs. So you can focus on a smarter, more productive port, with a subscription plan that’s tailored to your business.

Alternatively, you can still purchase the equipment upfront or opt for a hybrid model, if preferred.

  1. Simple. Zero upfront investment enables easier financial conversations and shorter approval processes. Plus the project management, design, installation, and service are all handled by Cavotec.
  2. Flexible. Subscription plans are tailored to your business, with a choice of fixed or variable payment models. With contracts as long or short as you need, you can ‘try for a while’ and we’re confident you’ll want to continue the partnership.
  3. Guaranteed. We continuously monitor and improve your MoorMaster system to guarantee optimum performance. And when maintenance is required, it’s covered in the subscription so you don’t have any unexpected costs.

Choose peace of mind around the clock

MoorMaster vacuum mooring technology can secure vessels of 400m in seconds. But when it comes to earning trust, it’s years of reliability and safety that matter.

Long-standing customer SeaRoad first installed MoorMaster 17 years ago, and explains the benefit of partnering with a company they can trust.

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  1. Trusted around the world. Almost 100 MoorMaster systems are now reliably saving time and money for ports all over the planet. Together, these systems have completed over 700,000 moorings and counting.
  2. Tested by time. As the inventors of vacuum mooring, we’re proud to say our market leading technology has now been proven in operation in some of the most demanding conditions for over 20 years.
  3. Never off duty. Our experts remotely monitor the performance of every system, to help fine tune what we do and secure flawless performance. When you need support Cavotec is never farther than a call away.

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Enjoy more efficiency every day with technology that learns from every moment

We’re proud to say that the new MoorMaster NxG represents the peak of vacuum mooring hardware. And now, thanks to Cavotec’s large and growing investment in software, every MoorMaster system is becoming more intelligent by the year.

  1. The right move, every time. In a dynamic maritime environment, split-second decisions count. This is why, our patented Active Control™ technology measures every variable – from position to forces to weather conditions – and calculates the optimal response instantly.
  2. Better by the year. With our control algorithm implemented as software, your system can be tailored to your requirements and we can improve its performance with every software update.
  3. Every system on earth, working for you. Cavotec Connect, our IoT platform fed by vast amounts of data from almost 100 operational systems, uses artificial intelligence to learn from every MoorMaster system on the planet, giving your system’s next software update the benefit of global maritime experience.

See how advanced software increases performance

Why now?

It’s time for safer work and safety is great for business

Safety drives everything we do, because protecting personnel is paramount. But safety also does so much more than just lower risk. It makes every minute of every day more efficient, more productive and less stressful.

  1. Push the button on a double win. Replacing hazardous manual mooring with rapid, remote mooring at the touch of a button makes a lot of sense, for personnel safety and vessel throughput.
  2. Stabilise your efficiency. MoorMaster’s unrivalled vessel control reduces movement by up to two orders of magnitude. And unlike ropes and lines, it constantly monitors changing variables, providing maximum situational awareness. To keep loading operations safer and more productive.
  3. Less idling, less emissions. Faster mooring and release means less need for vessel engines to idle when close to port. Which improves air quality for vessel employees and nearby communities. Every minute less idling is a minute less of harmful emissions and unnecessary greenhouse gases.

Increase safety

Connect with tomorrow, today

MoorMaster NxG is designed for the challenges of today’s ferry and container terminals, and the opportunities of tomorrow. It is ready to connect with a future of zero emissions, autonomous vessels and intelligent supply chains - but with benefits that start now.

  1. Revolutionise your bottom line. Putting MoorMaster technology on your quayside makes your operation future-ready and offers sustainable advantages right away.
  2. Plug in to a more productive era. Our unrivalled vessel control and stability not only revolutionise loading operations, but are helping power the e-vessel revolution today. Installed in some 60 e-ferry berths, it combines rapid energy-efficient mooring with safe connection to rapid charging. MoorMaster NxG is already a key part of ASKO Maritime’s commercial introduction of fully zero-emission and autonomous vessels.
  3. Connect with next level efficiencies. MoorMaster’s ability to reduce and measure vessel motion opens the way to fully automated and autonomous ship-to-shore cranes. And its intelligent technology unlocks the incredible potential of a fully connected ecosystem. Quite simply, it’s the missing link between your operation and more profitable sustainability, for years to come.

While you connect the world, we connect the future

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Increasing safety

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